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Personal security and Boadyguards in Munich, Bavaria and Germany-wide

We of the Personal security service Munich know about the close cooperation between chauffeur and bodyguard.

Through a perfect interaction of these two services you can make your stay in Munich, Bavaria or abroad as pleasant and safe as possible.our bodyguards are not stereotypical, muscle-bound bodyguards, but perfectly trained bodyguards, who all have a gun license and firearms license and have already gained many years of professional experience in BKA, LKA, SEK and other elite units at home and abroad.

Bodyguard munich By means of a risk analysis, they can classify their respective protectors exactly and plan and carry out the associated measures professionally.for you, this means that you can move freely without being noticed by your bodyguard, because our staff adapts perfectly to your living are planning a business trip? Your bodyguard acts like your business partner. Should it be a family holiday? Also in this case, the appearance and behaviour of your bodyguard will be in accordance with your specifications, but you can not only adapt your bodyguard to your personal situation, you can even choose it according to your own life circumstances.

Personal Security Munich / Escort Munich – Your safety is our job

A family with children may feel more secure and understood in the hands of a woman who has children of her own. In the case of business people travelling alone or at large events, it is more likely to be a single man, as his size alone is impressive and minimises the threat.

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The Personal Security / Escort Service Munich is of course not only limited to the Bavarian area, but also offers its services throughout Germany and abroad. You can also rely on us completely. Possible bureaucratic hurdles such as the legality of firearms and firearms licences, import documents and arrangements with the local authorities will of course be clarified by us before departure. All our employees are trained for these special circumstances and can therefore guarantee a smooth process.

Our bodyguards adapt to your basic conditions – not vice versa

security service munichIn addition, both chauffeurs and bodyguards are trained in the correct handling of our light and fully armoured special protection vehicles. Thus, not only is a driving safety training regularly carried out, but also the seating behaviour in the vehicle, driving in formation and convoy, evacuation drives, slalom driving around pylons and of course the correct and safe collection and transfer of one or more protection persons is constantly practised and optimised.
Our vehicles comply with the highest safety standards and are exclusively models of proven manufacturers, including special protection vehicles of the classes B4, B6 and B7 (Mercedes E-Guard, Mercedes S-Guard, BMW 760il). Depending on your requirements, vehicles of the type BMW-550-Security, Audi-A8-Security-B7 and BMW-High-Security-VR7-VR-9 are also used.

Perfectly trained specialists at Personal Security Munich Team

Since we are a company with an international scope and customer base, our German staff is of course multilingual. This includes English and French, but also Russian and Arabic and other languages.
In addition, all our employees have a flawless appearance and pay attention to both a well-groomed appearance and perfect manners. This includes immediate implementation of your instructions, always keeping a discreet distance from the person or group to be protected and intervening in the situation before you are directly affected. Thanks to our service, you no longer need to worry about anything and simply enjoy your business trip, family holiday or event. You won’t notice a highly professional personal protection, let alone will it restrict you in your undertakings and activities.

Personal Security Munich, Our team we will more than exceed your expectations !

The tasks of a chauffeur and bodyguard are usually very close together – the days of muscle-bound bodyguards are long gone. It comes rather on it to the protection person is it a family, single person, persons from the public life, politicians, prominent ones or other VIP-protection persons into the correct endangerment class, protection class or danger stage to classify. And to find an outwardly neutral and inconspicuous personal protection force. Who is more like a business partner.

Our bodyguards always adapt perfectly to the environment and the customer.

It is therefore essential to carry out an exact risk analysis before starting a personal protection assignment in order to identify the exact threat situation of the person to be protected. Mostly it is also a lengthy search to find the ideal bodyguard ( bodyguard ). Most of the customers want single bodyguards/bodyguards without social ties, others prefer female bodyguards who have children themselves and can put themselves in the role of the client in a different way.

We provide our customers only bodyguards that fit perfectly to their environment. Female or male and with or without children

Personal securityParticularly when it comes to stays abroad with protection personnel, a high degree of professionalism is required. In addition, the cross-border work for the chauffeurs as well as for the bodyguards is always a challenge because many legal hurdles such as the preliminary clarification, firearms licenses, firearms passport, import documents, arrangements with the local authorities safe ways and contact points and the same must be clarified in advance. To ensure a perfect process. All our chauffeurs and bodyguards have years of experience in handling large limousines as well as the necessary driver training with light and fully armoured special protection vehicles of the classes B4, B6 and B7 such as (Mercedes-Benz E-Guard, S-Guard, BMW 760il B6, B7, as well as Audi A 8 L B6, B7) and have partly worked for years for the government i.e. LKA and/or BKA as well as military special forces KSK or SEK as well as for private customers at home and abroad.

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We work very strongly with Arabic and Russian customers in the Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin area as well as throughout Europe, i.e. Italy, France, Monaco, Luxembourg etc. Compared to many of our competitors, we work exclusively with German staff who are mostly multilingual in German, English, French and partly also Russian and Arabic.

Seriousness and highest professionalism in the area of personal security Munich, are capitalized with us

It is important to us that our personal protection group and the escorts have a flawless appearance and very good manners. So you can be sure that all your requirements will be implemented immediately and with emphasis. And you don’t have to worry about a smooth course of your stay abroad, events or a private invitation. Our bodyguards will always keep an eye on you and your family and relatives discreetly and at the right distance. They always assess the threat situation and the overall situation perfectly and usually intervene in advance. So that the protected person remains completely untouched.

Services in the field of personal security Munich :

  • Personal security Munich armed / unarmed
  • Special protection vehicles / all protection classes
  • Travel companion of the protection person
  • Organization of stays abroad
  • Chauffeur / Limousine Service in Munich
  • Male / female bodyguards
  • Shooting trainings Firearm training short / long firearms
  • Special protection vehicles
  • Self-defence trainings

In summary, our services range from armed and unarmed personal protection Munich to the use of special protection vehicles in all protection classes, organisation and escort during stays abroad, danger analyses with subsequent assessment of the danger levels, chauffeur and limousine service, bodyguards of both sexes, regular training of our employees with short and long weapons and in self-defence.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail. We will be happy to advise you and would be pleased to get to know you better in a personal conversation to ensure that our service is optimally tailored to your wishes and needs.

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