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Temporary executive driver I Safety driver in Munich

Executive driver book by hours or days. Provision of a limousine and a trained temporary executive driver. Does not meet all economic or political needs.

executive-driverFor managers or high-ranking representatives from politics, business and society. Are drivers in demand for endangered persons, who take on more than just driving services. If you are currently looking for drivers for events such as annual general meetings, board meetings & Co. we are your experienced and versatile contact partner.
We can provide you with professional or temporary drivers who have mastered the safe handling of all vehicle classes and are trained in the early recognition of dangerous situations.High quality demands are always made when customers choose a chief driver. For the board of directors of their own company or special guests, trust in optimally trained professional drivers who are on call as chauffeurs or take on one-off transport journeys is crucial.

Specially trained board Chauffeurs in Munich for maximum safety

Board drivers and chauffeurs on an hourly basis from the limousine service:

  • Security drivers for managers on an hourly basis
  • Executive Board drivers in Munich on a daily or hourly basis
  • Chief driver with your company or group vehicle for business trips
  • Replacement chief driver for temporary help hours and days
  • Trained Executive Board drivers in Munich on call to help out
  • Temporary executive driver. Bookable with your company or group vehicle on an hourly basis.

executive driversDepending on the occasion, driving in formation or convoy is just as much a requirement as driving in border areas or absolutely safe transport to airports, trade fairs and more. As a first-class limousine service, our company has several trained executive drivers who meet your exact requirements in terms of safety, trust and service. All chief drivers of our company have many years of experience as drivers and bring everything you wish for the most important persons of your company.

Executive driver for persons in need of protection

For the provision of our security drivers it is irrelevant whether you want to rely on an in-house vehicle or are interested in a vehicle from our fleet such as a limousine. We can also provide you with our security drivers for several cars, whereby we take over the complete vehicle administration and fleet management for you. We also take care of the fuel bill, vehicle maintenance and other expenses centrally. Get to know our chief drivers in a personal conversation and convince yourself of their safe driving style and individual suitability.
Overview of different areas of application for chief drivers

Our professionally trained security drivers are not only in demand as chief drivers, they are also used on many economic and social occasions. Among the most important areas of application are:

  • Chief driver for business appointments of all kinds bookable by the day
  • Executive Board drivers on temporary business trips bookable by the day
  • Transfers to trade fairs, congresses and conferences with a chief driver
  • Travels for your manager hours and days
  • Chauffeurs and security drivers on an hourly basis for your event
  • Temporary Executive Board driver from Limo Service
  • Security driver for transfers to contract negotiations, diplomatic talks etc.

Are you looking for a professional temporary driver for the board of directors? Please contact us !

Your company is interested in a board driver and expects the best service from a specialist who has impressive references ranging from driver safety training to technical mastery of various automobiles? Contact us to book your next board driver at attractive conditions. With us, you will get to know each safety driver personally with his or her respective advantages. We would be happy to add a limousine or another vehicle from our large fleet. Our service in the state capital and the surrounding area will be happy to assist you for a non-binding consultation!

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